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Monday, April 25, 2011

Last Days in Paradise

Sadly I have to go home tomorrow. I had a wonderful Easter weekend. I spent a lot of time with some new friends I made. A lovely couple from a local church and their two wee boys. I met Al and the boys on my morning walks along the local beach. I was finally able to meet Linda on Friday as she didn't have to work. Al is a stay at home dad to their beautiful boys, Benjamin 8 months and David 20 months. It was Al I heard about the Easter production at his church.
They invited me to an event here on Saturday night. An amazing speaker was in town. Nick Vujicic. Here is a Youtube video about him.

Easter Sunday I went to church with Al and Linda and then breakfast after. They have truly been a blessing to me while in Hawaii.

Friday evening I went to watch the sunset at the local beach. Here are a few photos.

While walking back to my hotel, I couldn't help but be amazed at how many people come and utilize the park at night. I wasn't back in my room 10 minutes when I realized why so many people were gathering. I could hear fireworks going off. Apparently, the Hilton gives a free firework display the third Friday evening of the month. Dang. I could have seen them if I have walked slower. Bummer.

Saturday I got up early and took the bus out to the windward side of the islands, and spent a lot of the day at Kailua Beach. here are some pictures. Absolutely gorgeous.

I am meeting some old friends of the family today for lunch. I've never met them before, but my hometown family put me in touch. I'm looking forward to it.

I'll do some last shopping this afternoon, and also hopefully spent a few last hours on the beach.

Next post will be from Victoria. I still have to have my underwater camera film developed, so I'll still have one more Hawaiian post.

A last Aloha from Paradise.

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