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Monday, May 2, 2011

Jihan's Birthday

Sorry sorry and sorry, maybe i late to share this post for you. Because, connection is so bad -_-". On april 26th 2011 is Jihan's Birthday and its holiday. Her mom told to Amma, she wanted to give suprise to Jihan and want to helped to tell to friends in class.
So, that day at 12.00 we came to FunKaraoke Vip Ewalk. Jihan didnn't know about it. wow !
The day before that day, jihan told me,amma,meiga, and nindy she wanted treat us in that day.
 All my friends of class in there and we prepared it.

When we know jihan was in Ewalk we hiding behind the door wkwk and tadaa! 
if you want to see the photos, please click HERE!

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