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Friday, May 20, 2011

CastAway with Tiger Beer

It used to be drugs,sex and rock & roll but the addictions of this era are social media, make-up & photoshop.

The cure:
Tiger beer's opportunity to create your own private island escapade worth $50,000.
Transport a self-help group (14 people to be effective) to Nikoi Island. Name it 'Social Day' for real socializing to be done. Stalk the old-school way where you hide behind a coconut tree & not a computer.
Nikoi Island is a paradise not on any map. It is a hidden secret from most and definitely inaccessible to all. I heard of it 2 years ago but gave up on acquiring hitting X on the treasure map. Extremely exclusive, private and eco-friendly.
Now, you can drink (not swim) your way there.

Tiger Beer will take over the entire Nikoi Island for 3 days, 2 nights experience and the 15-villa resort – the only one on the island – will be crafted to suit the whims and fancies of the winner and friends, creating a unique holiday experience like no other. The winner will also get to choose between a ‘Beach DJ Party’, a ‘Beach BBQ’ or a ‘Beach Camp Fire Dance’ to be organised during the island getaway.

Because of this desertion, most may experience discomfort and withdrawal syndromes from the technology detachment but here're tips i've acquired from my own island escapades.
Choose Wisely

Stranded on an island for 3 days, 2 night, you need to be surrounded with fun easy-going people. The island is big enough to accomodate arguments where you retreat to your own villa/ ends of the island, but why take that route?

Like-minded travelling friends ranks high on any castaways. Choose only the creme de la creme. If i win this island escapade, i will turn it to Temptation Island (except not really) with 14 hot homosexuals.

Where all 14 men will dress like Spartacus: Blood Beer and Sand
attending to my whims and fancies. They can then boss around Tiger for their own whims and fancies. Clothes except a loin cloth will be forbidden.

I'll dress like a greek goddess for 3 days.

Housed on an island with nowhere else to run, getting the right bunch of people is of utmost importance. People who won't complain about the sun, people who are spontaneous to try all activities, people who won't cat fight. 1) Having the wrong mix-and-match can spoil an island escapade.

Island escapades is all about sex. The glistening sweat on the body & skimpy fashion. Nikoi Island being an eco friendly establishment avoid the use of processed food and make their own museli, bread, pastries and fresh juice.

While holidays is all about indulging, 2) a tip to maintain a taut body is to stay active. Which is why my island escapade always involves snorkelling, windsurfing, kayaking, diving, fishing, rock climbing and exploring nearby deserted islands. Following It's Tiger Time! in the afternoon. All these can be done at Nikoi Island, the Best Holiday In the World.
Say I've Never

Day activities are aplenty with minimium conversation sought, when night falls, the group assemble to drink and talk cock. I love playing games, my favourites are playing

1. Heart Attack with Poker cards
Pre-select sets of a same kind (e.g. 4 of 1, or 4 of J, or 4 of Q). Prepare the same number of sets as you have of players (minus 1). Distribute evenly and as you pass the unwanted cards individually, the first person who collects all 4 cards same of the kind, puts his hand out and shouts "Heart Attack!" He then gets to hit the stack of hands with the other hand and watch who escapes last.

Ok, i am quite bad at reiterating game instructions.

2. Bluff
A player starts the deck by placing face-down his cards. (3 Queens for example). Other players follow suit by placing something of a larger number (1 King). The objective is to clear your deck as fast as possible and at some point, players will have to start lying. Catch bluff!

3. I've Never
This is a drinking game where late into the night, secrets are revealed. Sit in a circle and go round the table where someone starts by confessing something he's never done before. "I've never kissed a girl." Whoever around the table who has kissed a girl before will have to take a sip of their drink. Ask the right questions and you get to know your friends better.

3) Play the naughty games.

Drink Responsibly
Island escapades will always be near a large body of water. Have fun, drink, chill but 4) stay away from the water when tipsy.
Drink (not swim) your way to a $50,000 island escapade now!
From 1st April to 31st May 2011, simply purchase $30 of Tiger Beer in a single receipt and enter your information in their Facebook page.
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