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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Vacation with a hot water bath in Beppu Onsen

Name : Hot Spring Resort City

Location : Beppu City, Oita Prefecture on the east coast a little island of Kyushu, Japan

This tourist attraction :  Bathing in this place could be exhausted, and the trust can cure skin diseases and to treat rheumatic diseases, neurological diseases, gynecological disorders, respiratory diseases and symptoms is less than iron.

 The hot water here is actually derived from the magma at the bottom of the volcano. Types of minerals contained in water causes the difference in water color, odor, and provide various benefits that can cure skin diseases. The contents of water-soluble minerals to the skin causes the skin to peel and eventually become more refined.

Interested in trying?

Do not miss this place if you are in Japan.

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Keep the spirit and enjoy your holiday

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