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Sunday, May 8, 2011


This post I discuss a little about one of the cities in Bali with various tourist attractions namely Singaraja City.

Singaraja is located in North Bali, in Singaraja you can find a lot of natural beauty that can spoil your eyes. The development of tourism is very promising for at Singaraja surrounding community.

There are so many attractions and places of interest for a holiday in Singaraja, all in Singaraja Tourist facilities are also fairly complete starting from the Hotel and Restaurant, Lovina TourLovina Forest Adventure, Lovina Cooking Class (Balinese cuisine) and also Property Bali (Building a Villa Land for Sale)

Lots of places in Singaraja, Singaraja also proves that we must guard particularly tourism in Singaraja, I mentioned the following places can be visited if you are on vacation in Singaraja

  • Lovina (Lovina Central) With Dolphins and Bali Cooking Class
  • Hot Spring at Banjar 
  • Wihara in the village of Banjar  
  • Sidetapa With Waterfall Mampeh  
  • Pedawa  
  • Cempaga with View Beach from the hill  
  • Tigawasa  
  • Singsing with Singsing a Beautiful Waterfall 
  • Dutch cemetery  
  • Gedong Kirtya  
  • Sanih with the bath water  
  • Gitgit with Waterfall  
  • Ganesha statue largest in southeast asia  
  • Lake Buyan 
  • Lake Tamblingan  
  • Beratan Village (where the production of gold and silver jewelry.)  
  • Banyuning Village (famous for its handicrafts clay tools).  
  • Jagaraga  
  • Sangsit and Beji temple  
  • Pura dalem Sangsit  
  • Sawan village (where the making of Gamelan music instrument). 
  • Batu Bolong Temple
  • Pulaki Temple 
  • Melanting Temple
  • Meduwe Karang Temple
  • Ponjok Batu
  • Sembiran  
  • Tombs Jayaprana  
  • Celukterima Temple 
  • Menjangan Island  
  • Mayong Village
  • Bulian Village

And Much Much more other beautiful places, I will discuss next dipostingan one - by one. I will discuss more about all that is in Singaraja.

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