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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Lovina Dolphins

Dolphins at Lovina Beach, a lot of tourists come to Lovina Beach just to watch the Lovina Dolphins.

Dolphins are so beautiful when we see it in the morning at sunrise. Lovina Dolphins can be found easily using a boat in Bali is often called "Jukung".

Usually you can see Lovina Dolphins at 5 AM. After the dolphin tour, you can Also arranged to go snorkelling. Usually see dolphins maximum of 2 hours.

To see the Lovina Dolphins we pay less than $ 15 / person. It is interesting to see the Lovina Dolphins giving beautiful performances in the morning.

But sometimes the Lovina Dolphins can not appear, if this happened may be repeated in the next day. Hopefully when you visit can directly meet with the dolphins.

To more easily to see the Lovina Dolphins, you can use a dolphin tour. Low price to see the
Lovina Dolphins.

Lovina Beach is quieter than other beaches in Bali. Maybe this will be an alternative to holiday on the beach Lovina.

Okay, so first the story of a Lovina Dolphins, next time i will of give you Some articles about the Lovina Dolphins with a different story.

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