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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Lovina Beach

A little about Lovina Beach and the dolphins .... ^ _ ^
Lovina Beach is located about 9 km west of Singaraja, this is one tourist attraction in North Bali. 

Both foreign and local tourists who visit a lot of Lovina Beach, only to see the unspoiled beaches, also to see the dolphins are numerous in Lovina Beach.

To see the dolphins at Lovina Beach you do not need an expensive cost, there are lots of dolphins tours to see dolphins. You can see it in the morning at sunrise.

By renting a fishing boat in Lovina Beach, we can approach the dolphins. While you enjoy a beautiful sunrise with a beautiful dolphin.

Lovina Beach also have a variety of accommodation ranging from hotels to cottages available at very affordable as Aditya Hotel, Lovina.

One of the interesting places in Lovina is there a program Balinese cuisine cooking class. This program has been established since a long time Bali is often referred Adjani (I will explain in next post). Or just click the link (Bali Cooking Class) visit their website. 

Back to Lovina Beach, in fact there are a lot of beauty that can be found at Lovina Beach. Only this time I explain Lovina Beach in general. 

Later will make articles about everything about Lovina with more detail, such things - the following:

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