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Monday, May 23, 2011

Happy Daze

Glue sniffing meant a lot to me age 12, that whole miniaturized parallel universe thing. Having started with Airfix aged 8, I progressed to the far superior Tamiya. Didn't have much experience with the American kits. Customizing with bullet holes, dents, and general patina was my speciality. BP(photo courtesy from Motorparade)

OK Who knew the American popular culture expression 'jumping the shark', originates from a melodramatic Happy Days scene in which Fonzie jumps over a tank of sharks on water skis. It is now used (according to Wikipedia) to denote the moment when a television series [or anything?] loses its credibility due to predictable repetition or contrived extensions of its theme, usually as a result of the writers being unable to maintain its quality indefinitely.

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