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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Chocolate Hills cool places such as mountain brown

Chocolate Hills is the most famous places in Bohol, Philippines. These include popular tourist attraction today and was ranked number 6 in the list of New Seven Wonders of the world. Chocolate Hills consist of about 1268 haystack perfectly cone-shaped hill with a height ranging from 40-120 meters.

Do not miss this place if you are on vacation or you are on the philippines. Because this place is very famous and you'll be disappointed if you do not come to visit and the photos there.


In this place there are many hills collection (more than 1,700 of them) in the area of ​​fifty square meters. They look pretty easy to climb, but for visitors like you, at least there is one hill that you need to make a place for tourism purposes.

During the summer, chocolate dome-shaped hills, grass-covered limestone hills dry up and turn brown to change the area into rows of chocolate.

There is no natural formation like this in the world. From a distance, they looked like half a ball grown from the ground like a molehill, shaped and sized almost like a hill with views of green and brown.

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