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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Banjar Hotspring

Banjar Hotspring

Hot Spring in Bali, one of them is the Banjar Hot Spring. Banjar Hot Spring is only 30 minutes from Lovina Beach. By using a motorcycle you can find it easily.

If you want you can go to Banjar Hot Spring and other places like Banjar Buddhist Tample. About 15 minutes from Banjar Hot Spring to the temple (Budish Temple).   

Especially for Banjar temple I will explain here (CLICK). 

Back to Banjar Hot Spring, It is about 1.5 km from Banjar or 24 km from Singaraja Town. To achieve the Banjar Hot Spring you will go through the village of Banjar, Because Banjar Hot Spring is located in the village of Banjar.

There are many cultural and art in the village of Banjar, Banjar village people are very friendly and can adapt to the tourist. Banjar Hot Spring managed well by the people over there.

Banjar Hot Spring is located in a beautiful and natural. The hot water in the pool is believed to cure diseases. Lots of tourists come to bathe and enjoy the natural beauty of Banjar Hot Spring.

Banjar Hot Spring very well known, there are a lot of local tourists or foreign tourists. Banjar Host Spring is usually open every day from 07:00 am Until 18:00 pm daily except Nyepi Day (Silent Day).

How do I visit Banjar Hosts Spring and other places in one trip?

To visit the Banjar Hot Spring and other places, you can join Adjani Tour.
Adjani Tour had a lot of beautiful place complete with a Bali Cooking Class and Traditional Medicine Herbs

Kamu akan lebih mudah dan murah  perjalanan hari libur kamu di Bali. Ada banyak tempat yang bisa anda kunjungi di Lovina - Singaraja. 

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