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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Banjar Buddhist Temple

Did you know? In Lovina there are a tourist you should visit when it comes to Bali. Yes, it is the Banjar Buddhist Temple.
After the previous post I discussed the Banjar Hot Spring, now I will discuss the Banjar Buddhist Temple.

Banjar Buddhist Temple is located about 5 kilometers southwest of central Lovina and it is around a two-kilometer drive from the Banjar Hot Spring through the Banjar Tegeha village.
People in the village of Banjar Buddhist Temple is often called the "Small Borobudur. " There is some history of this Buddhist temple, from the data a manager there.

This Buddhist temple that was built by Yayasan Maha Giri Rakketo Tera; with the name of the foundation being taken from its founder Bhiku Giri Rakketo Maha Thera. Originally, the temple was built at the top of the hot spring in Banjar but in 1970, it was relocated and the building expanded to be as it is now.

In this Buddhist temple you will find many unique things, not only that this place is very peaceful and natural. From this Buddhist temple we can see a direct view of Lovina Beach.

Many tourists who visit this Buddhist temple, they usually travel to this Buddhist temple before continuing the journey from Banjar Hot Spring.

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