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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Hotel in Jogja

The most important factor for the tourists and backpackers are where they stay . Of course all of us need comfort place, good service, near with the tourism place or beautiful place, and moreover cheap cost. Now I recommended some of Hotels in Jogja, Indonesia. This Hotel could give you good service and low cost.

Medium Hotel/ Melati Class :
1. Hotel 1001 Malam
2. Hotel Kusuma
3. Hotel Cristalit
4. Hotel Mawar Asri
5. Wisma Nendra
6. Hotel University (near with the airport)
7. Hotel Cinka Garini
8. Roemah Djawa Resort (unique Hotel)
9. Hotel Tiger
10. Hotel Peti Mas

Luxury Hotel :
1. Hotel Grand Rosella
2. Hotel Matahari
3. Cakra Kusuma Hotel
4. Hotel Brongto
5. The Jayakarta Yogyakarta Hotel
6. Dusun Jogja Village Inn
7. Abadi Hotel Jogja
8. Hotel Indah Palace
9. Sejahtera Family Hotel & Apartment
That’s some of Hotels I recommended you to stay. Have a nice holyday and enjoy your travelling in Indonesia.

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