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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

bunaken beach

First park? Intends to recommend urungkan here try snorkeling.

If you're still desperate to try it ... ... ... There will be Hooked! This is not a playful joke.

Actually this article nyantol head since mid-May. After hard work in the City Tinutuan (porridge) it is also promised to pay my compost friend, Christine, to Semarang, the images in Bunaken see.
Back to the story snorkel.
Frankly, I could not swim. The courage to run out on the high seas because catamaran boat driver who is also a guide - will keep my promise when it later stations.
Kelar tool life jacket and snorkel, I did a dive into the blue salt water. Of course slow. Gerayangan keep my hand on the ladder board, body feels just upside down and drowned.

A long time I could follow the rhythm of ocean waves - which fortunately at the moment, conditions are cool. A moment later I felt good, and courage in the foreground.
Unaccompanied closely, I ventured away from the side of the ship. Fun .... get a glimpse of the sea.

Meanwhile, my friend, the photographer, who advanced to swim, busy with the camera underwaternya.
"This is the magic underwater world."

That said, google him from behind, as his head appears on the surface of the water.

He looks like the depth of the Bunaken National Park, which has the world's treasures. His friend was told when peering feet from the surface of the ocean depths, he felt like flying over the mountain top of the rock texture is very nice. Thousands of fish play on the edge of the coral that millions of years old.
And when you run into a deep ravine tebir, she admitted was amazed at the surface of the most beautiful coral reefs, which burns like a giant painting on the wall as high as ten meters vertically.

"I want to dive paintings and photography to teach in the depths of the divine."

This is the first word out of his mouth when he slipped up to the ship.

I say yes just what it says friend. LHA Wong ngapung I usually just on the surface, while occasionally looking into the sea.

Naturally his friends ngecap not coming. Bunaken is located on the peninsula north Sulawesi, is one of the world's heritage. Panorama, and the variety of marine life as a precious treasure, the target was very domestic and foreign tourists to dive or just snorkel in the ocean.

From the city of Manado, the capital of North Sulawesi (Sulawesi), one of the finest marine park in the world, how can only 30 minutes by boat catamaran.

In fact, identical to the Bunaken Manado. This area consists of Bunaken, Manado Tua, Siladen, Nain, and Mantehage. Coastal areas include Molas, pressure, and Tiwoho Tongkaina. The park covers an area of 75,265 hectares of land and a growing and protected by the government of North Sulawesi. This marine park was inaugurated by the Minister of Marine 15 October 1991.

Bunaken has at least 40 places that are rich in fish diving - tropical fish and coral reefs. More than 150 species of 58 families at Bunaken beach. More than three thousand species of fish swimming in a region often called the golden triangle: Papua New Guinea, Philippines and Indonesia. Bunaken is biologically and strategically located in the Golden Triangle region.

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