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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Peace and Harmony

After two busy days I really needed to catch up on my sleep and get my jetlag sorted out, so I slept in on Thursday, had a late lunch and went back to sleep after that. I could not help staying in at Noosa Blue since my bed and the hotel room were so nice, there just was no way I would leave them earlier. The day was not completely wasted though, as I went to explore beautiful Hastings Street, went to the beach and took a gondola ride to Ricky's to have some great dinner. Just all very relaxing and peaceful, especially the gondola ride! I saw some fishermen ashore, boats and a man canoeing on a longboard with a dog. The man is quite famous in Noosa I was told and he teaches the longboard as a new sport or means of transportation.

On Friday morning I went for a hike in the lush Noosa National Park. In the first gum tree on the left I saw my first wild Koala! Well, they are not really WILD animals, but you know what I mean. As Koalas sit in trees, I have to mention that I really think that in Queensland you can see the most interesting trees, they all look like they've got a story to tell: Paperbark tree, pandanus, mangrove, banksia and scribbly gum. On my wondrous walk through this for me new and fascinating vegetation, I also saw the best waves and some surfers going for it. Surfers from all ages and countries seem to flock to the point of Granite Bay. After having had my first successful and fun surfing experience on Noosa's beach two days prior I got a real itch to go for another one! I was expected for a local interview in Mooloolaba though and ended up having lunch there as well. Sea food. That is what I have here on the coast of Queensland, sometimes twice a day, it is so delicious!

Finally, I arrived in Brisbane and met the other 15 candidates for „The Best Job in the World“. I was very excited to see all of them, having seen their videos and read their profiles, I expected an interesting group of people. And I really didn't get disappointed! Peace and harmony kept on being the theme as we took a city cab on the Brisbane River to Southbank and enjoyed how everything along the walk was decorated for Buddha's birthday. In Southbank there are so many different restaurants and cafes to choose from, we chose a Turkish restaurant and nobody stayed hungry. I am very happy to say that all of the candidates seem to have the same attitude as me: We all are going to give our best for „The Best Job in the World“, but there is no need to start any rivalry. We are all quite different, everybody has their qualities and certain charm! Now it all depends what kind of person Tourism Queensland wants to represent them.

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