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Friday, May 1, 2009

29/ 04/ 09: Over the Big Blue

My day started early, as we had to catch our flight to Fraser Island. Once on board of the small plane, I was told that we would land on the 75 mile Beach Highway, which - being a beach - truly is a unique airstrip. I figured I was in for a bumpy ride, but surprisingly it all went very smoothy! Beach Highway on Fraser Island is actually a real road with stop signs, speed limit and police patrols.

But Fraser Island has more to offer than that. The Aborigines call it K'gari, which means nothing other than paradise – and it really is! It is the world's largest sand island and is listed as World Heritage. Peter Meyer, an award-winning photographer and ranger on Fraser Island, and Jodie Clark from Kingfisher Bay Resort showed us around the island. They took us on a scenic drive through the local rainforests and beautiful lakes. My favourite was the MacKenzie Lake: The sand is like champagne powder and the water is delicious to drink. Fraser is the place to see the purest wild living Dingos, but unfortunately I did not see one and was just able to take a picture of a picture of a Dingo. How sad is that?!

After this amazing day, we left the island on a boat: That's Awesome! Yes, that's right, that is the name of the company and let me tell you, they are not so far off! Later that day I arrived in Noosa. I was completely exhausted and was ready to go to bed, but I had a surfing lesson scheduled for me. It was totally worth it! As soon as I got into the ocean, all my senses were instantly revived. It was so much fun, the water was warm, the waves were perfect and my teacher was cute! I even managed to ride my first wave all the way to the beach! To be fair, I should mention I already had a week of surfing lessons in France, but that was a long time ago, so one could say I did well.
Again this day, the same as the day before, I thought it could not get any better, but Queensland keeps on proving me wrong.

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