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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Bali Discovery (Anjing Kurap)

Bali Discovery Tours in Sanur also trade as "Bali Mice" (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Exhibitions); they operate unlawfully and are probably the nastiest travel agents in Indonesia. PT Bali Discovery Tours' main director John M / Jack Daniels is much more a rat than a mouse in my honest opinion, but I'd say the later applies too. Bali Discovery Tours / Bali Mice trade unlawfully in that they commit tax and service charge fraud, plus work with unlicensed (illegal) villas while Jack "Anjing Kurap" Daniels defames legal villa operators who refuse to do business with him in his email ezine of hate and lies called the "Bali Update"; "Anjing Kurap" is a serious Indonesian insult literally meaning "Ringworm infested (street) dog" like you see left. It was one of Bali Discovery Tours' lawyers (Anggia Lubis) who "introduced" me to this insult after I refused her request for a "donation".

The more I found out about how Bali Discovery Tours operated, the more I discovered they are anti-Balinese Indonesian travel agents actually deserving of a eminently obvious paronomasia of their company name.

For details on how PT Bali Discovery Tours / Bali MICE was likely founded with unlawfully obtained money (see the report on their principle director: Jack Daniels Bali).

Bali Discovery Tours trade unlawfully and dishonorably

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